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Dear Friends,

Thanks to your on-going support, New Danville continues to be a beacon of light in the lives of the adults we serve. On behalf of them, and their families, I say “Thank You”. This coming year we will be celebrating a major milestone – our 15th anniversary! Thank you for helping us continue to have a direct impact on the lives of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Thank you for investing in our mission and in our future. Thank you for showing those we serve that you believe in their worth and dignity.

In the United States, every 11 minutes a child is born with autism or another intellectual disability; and according to the medical community, these children will live to be in their 80’s. In the next decade 500,000 young adults with Intellectual and developmental disabilities will turn 21. This is the age that they graduate from high school and federally mandated funding stops. After high school they will face enormous challenges including what to do and how to remain productive. This is where New Danville comes in. This is where your support makes a world of difference and has a lasting impact.

Without you we could not continue to operate a thriving and growing program. Without you we could not continue to provide the vital support our adults need to pursue their personal dreams of growth and independence. Without you we cannot continue our commitment to the population we serve, to our mission, and to our community. Your generous and steadfast support continues to be at the core of our success.

Because of you we are able to provide scholarship assistance to those that are not able to pay for services. Because of you we have been able to keep our day rates below actual costs to make our services more accessible to the families we serve. Because of you we are able to provide a wide range of life enriching activities such as animal therapy, art and ceramic classes, computer classes, and much more. Because of you we can dream of a bright future!

Our values focus on creating an environment where our population can flourish. With you and because of you that continues to be possible.

As a donor to the Annual Campaign Fund, you can join me in continuing to make this possible. Together, we can ensure that New Danville has the resources needed for continued growth, continued expansion, and continued success.

We need your support to finish the year strong and to start out 2020 as our strongest year ever. We hope to raise $40,000 between now and December 31st. I hope you will join me in supporting the New Danville’s Annual Campaign Fund by making your gift today. Every gift has value. Every gift makes a difference. Let’s walk this path together.

Sincerely and Ever Grateful,

Eva T. Aguirre, President and CEO
Jim Kuykendall, Chairman of the Board