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Dear Friends,

As President and CEO, I come to you with a message of great hope and optimism for the future of New Danville. In this past year, thanks in great part to your generous and steadfast support, New Danville has seen a renewed interest in the services we offer to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and those needing similar services. Our residential program, Meadowbrook, has grown by 43% and is now at full occupancy. Likewise, our day-program has experienced a 12% growth and is nearing full capacity.

While this is exciting news, the fact still remains that our fee-for-service revenue is well below our actual cost. We do this as a commitment to the population we serve, to our mission, and to our community. Our fees cover 40% of the agency's operating budget. While we have taken great steps to reduce overall costs, the support we receive through the Annual Campaign is essential in helping us to continue to provide this most vital support to those we serve so that they may continue to pursue their personal dreams of growth and independence.

In the past year, we have adopted the following guiding principles as drivers of the work we do: Integrity, Excellence, Stewardship and Empowerment. These simple, yet powerful, values guide not only our decision-making processes, but are also reflective of our commitment to our clients, our families, and our donors. Our ambition is to be nothing but the best! Very soon we hope to launch our first Capital Campaign that will help us take the next major step in our grown and pursuit of our mission.

As President and CEO of New Danville, my role is to help set the stage to create an environment where our staff and clients flourish together.

As a donor to the Annual Campaign Fund, you can join me in this role. Together, we can ensure that New Danville has the resources needed for continued growth, continued expansion, and continued success.

I hope you will join me in supporting the New Danville Annual Campaign by making your gift today. Every gift has value. Every gift makes a difference. Let's walk this path together.

Sincerely and Ever Grateful,

Eva T. Aguirre, President and CEO