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Dear Friends, Families, and Supporters:

“When you do what you love, the seemingly impossible becomes simply challenging, the laborious becomes purposeful resistance, the difficult loses its edge and is trampled by your progress.”
Steve Maraboli from his book: Life, the Truth, and Being Free

As we approach the end of 2020, nothing is truer for New Danville than Maraboli’s words. The past eight months have been a whirlwind storm to our entire nation. We pray that you and yours have not been negatively affected by the COVID-19 virus. Our prayers have been with our entire New Danville Family.

From the start of this crisis, the impact on New Danville and those we serve has been severe. Our program first closed to all client services in March. Knowing that the closure would have a significant effect on New Danville, management took immediate steps to shore-up and secure its operations.
A total of eleven staff were laid off, as well as a voluntary salary reduction for management staff was implemented. Thanks to the Federal Payroll Protection Program, we were able to bring our staff back in April; however, due to the low attendance numbers, we had to subsequently lay-off three of our valued employees, and to this day, they remain on furlough. The commitment, dedication, and caring of our staff is unparalleled. Through it all, we strive to remain in good spirits and be good stewards of our funds.

Aside from the financial uncertainty of this past year, the emotional effects on our “client family” has been a real hardship. Attending the day program is a constant in the lives of those we serve. The joy of fellowship with their peers is invaluable to our clients. Catching up on the latest “gossip,” participating in daily classes, and going on off-campus activities is what they look forward to every day. Although we have since reopened the day program, the uncertainty of the virus has kept many at home. We understand and support the wishes of all of our families; however, this continues to have a heavy impact on our finances.

From February through September, our revenue from the day program has decreased by 71%, and transportation revenue has seen a 96% reduction in revenue. Additionally, our annual spring fundraiser, one of our main revenue sources, had to be canceled and moved to 2021.

Through it all, we are so grateful for the generous support that we have received from our donors as it has helped us to weather the storm to this point. It is because of our dedicated and committed families, volun­teers, donors, and loyal supporters that this beautiful mission continues to be possible.

As a donor to our Annual Campaign Fund, you can be part of the continued success of New Danville. Together, we can ensure that New Danville has the resources needed for continued growth, continued expansion, and continued success. We cannot do this without you!

We hope you will join me in supporting the New Danville Annual Campaign by making your gift today. Together we can achieve more.

Sincerely and Ever Grateful,

Eva Aguirre, President & CEO
Danielle Scheiner, Chairman of the Board